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Nepal Corporate has outstanding and unique experience in carrying out investigation on matters relating to the breach of intellectual property including trademark rights in Nepal. The firm represents clients who wish to examine unlawful use of their intellectual property and provides services relating to:

●     anti-counterfeiting investigation;

●     copyright infringement;

●     patent infringement;

●     unauthorized use of trademarks;

●     trade secret breaches;

●     data breaches & IP leaks;

●     product copying and brand imitation;

●     parallel trade investigation; and

●     IP due diligence.

We have a specialized investigation team consists of legal and technical professionals who (a) visit business, (b) investigate, (c) ascertain breach of intellectual property and (d) provide detail report.

Besides investigation, we represent clients before quasi-judicial bodies and courts (a) to stop the breach, (b) claim compensation amount and (c) provide legal advice for the better protection of their intellectual property. We further assist clients for (a) IP audit, (b) IP acquisition and (c) IP monitoring services. 

Tekprasad Katel
Senior Associate

Bipana Luitel

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